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I feel so mad I feel so angry, Feel so callused so lost confused again [entries|friends|calendar]

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Let’s play this game
Called, “When you catch fire.”
I wouldn’t piss to put you out
Stop burning bridges
and drive off of them
So I can forget about you.

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Song: Tell That Mick He Just Made My List Of Things To Do Today.
Band: Fall Out Boy
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10:05pm February 12th]
New journal haventslept
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LJ from my widget? [Tuesday
10:11pm January 24th]
Oh yes so I'm trying this thing out and if it doesn't work oh well. Soooo hopefully this baby works :)

Because if this thing works, I really do not have to go on lj anymore unless I comment on all you guys lovely updates.

Tomorrow I get my hair dyed...
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[0019] Public Post [Wednesday
4:11pm January 18th]
Listen up people who think +44's song sucks!

Honestly, I like +44's song alot. But I like AVA and +44 both equally. I will be there until the very end, singing Blink's, Box Car Racer, Plus 44, The Transplants, and AVA's songs along with my friends.

When I first heard +44's song I related to it alot, I had just ended a 10 year friendship with my best friend, and listening to that made me realise how much I really don't need her at all. This song is not sickning as some of you have said, Mark is expressing his true feelings. I don't know if it's towards Tom, or not, personally I really don't think it's any of our buisness even as fans of the bands to talk about what goes on between them.

We aren't here for the gossip, we aren't here because they are hot... we are here for the music. Both of these bands have talented writters, and people working on these albums. And I cannot wait for BOTH Plus 44's and AVA's cd's to come out, because I know when they do I will be one of the first people in line. Because I'm here to support all three of them, no matter what band they are in, or how bad it get's.

These guys have helped me threw so much these past 6 years, and in return I can only support and prove how loyal I am to them, since they have always been loyal too me.

So there you have it, that is my opinion on Tom, Mark and Travis's decision... I hate it when people say that +44's new song sucks, because he's taking a stab at Tom. FUCK THAT SHIT! How do you even know he is? We don't know them, we probably never will. Leave them the hell alone...

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[0010] Err... ummm yeah [Friday
3:50pm December 30th]
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[0000] [Sunday
12:55am December 18th]
[ mood | accomplished ]

I can't imagine all the people that you know
and all the places that you go,
when the lights are turned down low
and I don't understand all the things you've seen,
but I'm slipping in between you and your big dreams
It's always you in my big dreams.
And you tell me that it's over,
wake up lying in a patch of four leaf clovers
and your restless and I'm naked,
You gotta get out you can't stand to see me shaking

I am no longer adding anyone else for know. I have alot of friends on here already and never really get a chance to comment, so I mean you could try adding me but chanced are you won't be added back. Until next time
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